Monday, September 26, 2011

My Top 10 Picks ..

Let me start off by saying, I didn't realize how many PR-related blogs there were out there! As anyone would, I started off this assignment by googling "PR Blogs", and what do you know I was given "About 231,000,000 results" by Google.

As I began going through the results one at a time, I found myself initially drawn to the those with "cooler" blog names. For example, NakedPR or Bad Pitch Blog, but as I clicked on them and read their first post and ABOUT link, I realized you can't judge a book by its cover (or in this case, a blog by its name).

While some were more industry specific, such as PR for fashion or PR for Human Resources, I found them all to be very interesting and useful. The few that I narrowed down as my favourite are below. Each of them offered something different. Some were written in a "lighter" voice, while others were a lot more technical and "corporate" sounding. 

As I started adding them to my Google Reader, I very qucikly became overwhelmed with how much PR and Social Media knowledge there was out there! For FREE! 

PR Squared ~ Todd Defren, the mind behind this blog is globally recognized as a Social Media innovator, thinker and lecturer. I enjoy reading his posts because he uses a more conversational voice while commenting on to relation between PR and advertising.

Danny Brown ~ a very professionally delivered blog from a fellow Canadian!

PR Couture ~ a fun blog by Crosby Noricks, explores the ever-evolving role of public relations, marketing and social media in the fashion industry

Mashable ~ a very cool online news site that covers everything social media, digital and technology. I feel like they post something every couple of minutes. It's a great site for those wanting to stay up to date!

The Bad Pitch Blog ~ this blog first caught my eye because it does the opposite of most other blogs. It actually examines the bad PR practices for practitioners to understand what NOT to do. Some of the posts are quite funny, if I say so myself!

The Future Buzz ~ great blog that dives into the various social media tools and how to use them effectively.

Thomas Crampton - Social Media in China and Across Asia ~ Thomas Crampton heads a team at Ogilvy, that helps companies conceive, develop and execute strategies in Social Media in Asia. This personal blog, but he does have a disclaimer that says he will disclose when he is writing about a company that is Ogilvy's client.

Platform Mag ~ an online magazine/blog for PR students, educations and practitioners.

Dave Fleet ~ an interesting blog from Dave Fleet, Vice President of Digital in Edelman's Toronto office!

It's All Very PR - a fun and pretty blog, by Julie Campbell, the founder of a boutique lifestyle PR agency focused in the Arts & Entertainment. Her blog covers her PR experiences first-hand and the fascinating "6 Degrees of Separation" that she experiences in the PR World.  Like we always hear, it's a very small industry!

Anyone find other interesting blogs that I should subscribe to? I find that I am very quickly filling up my RSS Google Reader subscriptions and soon I will have to do one of those screenings (like on facebook) where I go through and see which ones I REALLY like.

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